3 Main Types of Chipper Knives Manufacturers to Buy From

3 Main Types of Chipper Knives Manufacturers to Buy From

If you want to chipper knives for your wood chipping machines, it is essential to consider a number of factors to get it right. Among them is kind of chipper knives manufacturers manufacturer that you are buying from. However, this is one of the areas where many people get it wrong. Either out of knowledge or sheer ignorance, some people just go into the market pick anything that they come across. That is wrong. You need to know the kind of chipper knives manufacturer you are dealing with.

The manufacturer of chipper knives influences a number of factors including the quality of the tools. There are three main types of manufacturers that you can choose from.

Original manufacturer

As the name suggests, the original manufacturer is the company or factory that produced the wood chipper machine you are using. In short, it is the brand of the machine you are using. For instance, if you are using a Doppstadt wood chipper, then Doppstadt is the original manufacturer in this case. These producers also provide replacement wear parts for their machines. Original producers are the most recommended since they are known for the quality of their tools. Also, the fact that they are the original designer of their parts means they will provide only the best for their customers. They are the first choice for most buyers. However, they are a little bit expensive.

OEM Manufacturer

If you want to get the same quality as the original tools but from a different manufacturer, then OEM chipper knives would be a perfect option. These are tools that are not originally made by the company selling them. For instance, you may have Doppstadt selling wood chipper knives that were produced by another company. OEM chipper knives manufacturers are increasingly becoming popular due to the numerous benefits that come with their products. For instance, they are cheaper compared to the originals while still maintain high quality.

Aftermarket Manufacturers

The aftermarket chipper knives manufacturers is another category of wear parts producers that is becoming increasingly popular in the market. They are the same as the OEM with the only difference being that they have a brand name. However, they manufacture tools that are compatible with specific brands. Therefore, you can find Doppstadt aftermarket chipper knives from them. Their products are cheaper and readily available in the market hence their popularity.

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