3 Types of Doppstadt Parts You Can Buy for Replacement

3 Types of Doppstadt Parts You Can Buy for Replacement

Doppstadt wood machines are increasingly becoming popular in the waste wood processing industry and mostly due to their high level of customer satisfaction that they are offering. It is due to this wide market reach that there has been a variety of Doppstadt parts that buyers can buy from. However, not all the available alternatives in the market offer you the best wear parts. Some of them like the second hand or the refurbished Doppstadt parts cannot be trusted with quality.

But there are some sources guarantee that you the best quality, but you have to be informed and smart. In this post, we are looking at 3 of the best types of Doppstadt parts that you can buy for replacement. Here are the three best types that you can pick from:

Original Manufacturer Wear Parts

If you are a newbie and you don’t know much about the market, then original manufacturer wear parts are the most recommended for you. These are wear parts that have been manufactured by the brand and in this case, Doppstadt factory. There are many benefits that come with original parts, and one of them is excellent quality. The fact that they are the original manufacturers, they will provide you with the exact copy of the original parts on the machine. You will not have to worry about the quality and other details such as the weight of the tools.

OEM Wear Parts

The second type of Doppstadt parts that you should consider buying is the OEM products. These are parts manufactured by a different company and sold by another company as their own. A good example of the OEM parts are parts manufactured by another company (Doppstadt can contract a company to produce on their behalf) and sold Doppstadt as their own. However, these parts are always labeled OEM to differentiate them from the original manufacturer. Since the original manufacturer sanctions the production, they are able to maintain the same quality as the original parts. They are cheaper hence the reason why they are popular in the market.


Aftermarket Doppstadt parts is another type of tools that you can buy for replacement. These wear parts are produced by a third party company that is independent of the manufacturer. They sell their products under their brand name but labels them the brands that they can fit. Aftermarket Doppstadt parts have the same quality as the original as they use the same grade of material. They cheaper than both the OEM and the original parts yet have the same quality. That is the reason why they are growing popular in the market.



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