Common Used Horizontal Grinder Screens- Based 0n Types of Holes

Common Used Horizontal Grinder Screens– Based 0n Types of Holes

Most people are now learning that instead of paying for the wood waste to be removed from their farms, they can have it processed and sell it like mulch or biofuel. That is why wood grinders demand has been on the over the recent few days. However, there is more to buying to buying these machines than just grinding. There are various ways that you can ensure that you are getting the most out of your machine. But there are critical things that you need to consider and that includes the kind of grinder machine. Horizontal grinders are some of the most common machines in the market.

However, one of the areas that most buyers lack adequate information is the type of screen they should have. That is because the choice of the screen can change everything including the quality of the final products. There are the various configuration of grinder screen each handling specific material and for certain models. That is why buyers need to know what they really need in the market.

There are most common used grinder screens- round and square holes. Though can be used in the horizontal grinders, square screens work best for these machines. However, there are other shapes that can be incorporated depending on what is needed as the end product. Here are 3 shaped screen that user should know about and what they are best at:

Diamond Hole

This one of the widely used types of the horizontal grinder screens for process wet and difficult to grind material. They are the best choice of grinder screen for those who want to get grind from materials such as the compost, palm, leaves, and wet grass. Of you grind such materials using the common square-hole screen they are likely to build-up on the plane of the horizontal grinder screen making it difficult to work with. That will reduce the overall productivity of the machine.


This type of horizontal grinder screens is best known for their more geometrically consistent hole and uniform opening. They are likely to process more material if compared to the round-hole configuration. However, the level of productivity depends on the material that is being used.


With this type of horizontal grinder screens, the bars are welded horizontally across the screen face. These types of screens are used where the debris are needed for construction purposes. They are also widely used to produce ground that has no specifications on what the end product should be like.


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